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Admin: There is no question the Soviet Red Army committed many attrocities during their drive across East Prussia. is there any means to get something about his history back? I'm editing my mother's memoirs, and I'm looking for public domain photos of Konigsberg after it was firebombed.Rape, in particular, was high on the invading army's menu. Mom was East Prussian and worked in the Luftwaffe communications bunker in the city.I invite your comments about this website - and in particular if you have something to share regarding a personal connection to this once wonderful city that history seems to want us to forget about.Posting your information here will help preserve the memory of those who lived and worked there for so many generations and built the vibrant and thriving city and its community that were so viciously annihilated at the end of WWII.Is there any source for death certificates, or were records either not kept or destroyed?I'm visiting there in a couple of weeks and if anyone knows of a local office that might have records, it would be great to know!

Now, in preparation for the exhibition in November 2017, all names and positions have been recorded in an Excel sheet.It will be displayed at the Museum for Arts and History of Kaliningrad (former Königsberg) at 2360116 Kaliningrad, Klinicheskaya Str.21, on the 9th of November at 12 am until December 10th, 2017 The exhibition will contain many documents and photos about the Jewish Citizens of Koenigsberg.I've just discovered that an ancestor was born in Konigsberg in 1929 and I'm having trouble locating her actual birth/baptism records.She and her parents fled the city to the UK during the 1930's.

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Is there an online archive of public records I could access? My grandmother was born in East Prussia in 1942, many of her other siblings were born in East Prussia as well.

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