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One thing about emergencies is that they most often bring out the very best in people. I received a number of very positive responses to last week’s column, which focused on the Garcelon Civic Center in St. People of that community have been working hard for years to try to revitalize a once-thriving rural town.

The whole world is a nerd.''Are you mad because other people like Star Wars? ''Maybe.'If you broke Elena's heart, Star Wars would spill out.Letters from readers are one of the pleasures of being a columnist.Here is a letter I received about funeral etiquette and a common situation that arises.Suddenly, what seems like a simple choice isn’t simple anymore – demonstrating why life cycle assessment (LCA) is such an important…Sometimes I long for bygone days when fundamental truths didn’t need to be so couched in political correctness, lest everyone become so upset they miss the message.

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I was with masses of friends, and despite the fact that I stay away from crowds, the center felt surprisingly spacious.